Manchester Airport – closed pipe flow survey


Following the successful implementation of a flow survey of the foul sewer network at Manchester Airport, we were appointed once again by Massey Coldbeck Integrated Services (MCIS) to complete another flow survey.

As part of MCIS’s remit to deliver expansion works at Manchester Airport Terminal 1, they were tasked with installing a new potable water pipe line from the Combined Heat & Power (CHP) building to Terminal 1 around 100 yards away.


  • To determine flow rates, volumes and pump frequency within the existing pipework


“Information is key to the effective installation of any new potable water pipe line,” explains Oliver Harrison, sales engineer with Detectronic who oversaw the project. “Having data relating to potable water usage in Terminal was therefore imperative prior to this stage of the expansion works.”

In order to be fit for purpose the flow meter had to be measured to the 160mm diameter pipework that was copper material and had a pressure range of up to 10bar.


The solution was our ORAKEL Time-of-Flight flow meter which takes non-invasive measurement using clamp on sensors. It represented the only way of gathering the required information without disrupting the water supply to Terminal 1. The clamp on flow meter was installed and in place for a total of three weeks to collect data.


We provided MCIS with all the information needed for a full evaluation of the requirements for a new water pipe. That information has led to the successful installation of the new water pipe which is now supplying thousands of litres of potable water to Terminal 1 on a daily basis.

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