Date: 06/09/19 | In: Anwendungsbeispiele

Monitoring specialists, Detectronic, have demonstrated their unrivalled operational versatility after specifying and installing a bespoke monitoring solution for an oil and gas exploration company. Our latest MCERTS monitoring case study is now available.

The company is currently carrying out detailed exploration work at a site in the north west of England. In order to understand the hydrology of the site and how it might affect future development plans, Detectronic were appointed to design, implement and maintain permanent flow and level monitoring.

“Following several site visits, we installed two separate pieces of equipment,” explains Phill Tuxford, technical manager at Detectronic.

“We selected our MSFM MCERTS monitor to gather data on surface water discharge from a pipe. Water from that pipe flows into a stream. So, we also installed an MSFM Lite monitor to analyse the level of the stream.

“The objective was to measure peak flow requirements. There is a strict limit to the amount of surface water that can be discharged through the pipe if the stream is above a certain level. If there is too much surface water, the level will rise above the specified limit. That excess surface water will need to be buffered elsewhere.”

Read the full MCERTS monitoring case study