Monitoring liquid flows and quality in a variety of applications for a range of sectors


Detectronic produces wastewater flow meters. Different flow meters  work better with different pipe sizes and channel types. We help companies understand the different types of flow meter available and advise which is better for their particular application.

Our liquid flow meters are frequently used by water companies to help manage the wastewater network. The real time data helps to prevent flooding and reduce pollutions. We also work with companies in many different industries around the world to maintain regulatory compliance, improve  environmental credentials and minimise production downtime. We have

The ORAKEL system is an all in one monitoring solution that can monitor flow along with many other parameters such as pH, turbidity, COD and conductivity to name but a few. With the ability to connect up to 16 sensors to one control unit, the ORAKEL’s modular design makes it useful for many industrial sectors.

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All our flow equipment is available to buy or hire and we offer a range of services to help you get the most out of the equipment. These include services such as

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