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Whatever the motivation, whether it’s improving productivity, reducing cost, or meeting regulatory compliance, companies are increasingly trying to do more with less and that extends to the way we use and treat water. Detectronic is a specialist in wastewater monitoring and can help industrial manufacturing, chemical and pharmaceutical plants with many aspects of water monitoring.

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Trade effluent monitoring

The quality of industrial wastewater is generally characterised by kg/day based on:

  • COD
  • Settled Solids
  • Suspended Solids

The ORAKEL System is an all in one measuring system, allowing you to measure flow, levels, pH, temperature, COD, conductivity, turbidity and any other parameter through one control unit.

Monitoring TOC

Natural organic matter is in all water sources but can be even small deposits can have damaging effects on certain processes.

Cooling Systems – Corrosion, biofilm and scaling are all problems that can occur in a cooling system. Biocides are added to help prevent problems and as water evaporates, more is added. More water dilutes the chemicals and the characteristics of the water.

Monitoring the TOC of the water being added to the system will provide an early warning indicator of poor quality or contaminated water helping to maintain efficiency within the cooling system.

Process water – Where pure water is used in electronics and manufacturing processes, even the smallest deposits of TOC can severely affect their performance

UV disinfection

Ultraviolet disinfection is becoming increasingly popular as a method of treating wastewater before final effluent discharge or for water re-use. Dosing the water with UV light at 254 nanometres has the effect of inactivating all microorganisms, bacteria and pathogens. The benefit over chemical disinfection is that UV light is safe and doesn’t affect the colour or taste of the water.

Detectronic can help companies determine the UV dose of the UV system using the TOC sensor in transmission mode.

Measuring pipe networks and process flow

Clamp on flow meters are ideal, non invasive solutions for measuring flow rates.

The ORAKEL Time of Flight flow monitor is quick and easy to install and capable of measuring almost any fluid including water, oils, alcohol, petrochemicals and more.

Our clamp on flow meters are adaptable for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials and could be used for numerous applications including:

  • process automation
  • monitoring cooling lines


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