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Water Utilities

Detectronic is a water monitoring specialist helping to prevent flooding, reduce pollution and improve rivers and bathing water. We specialise in the design, manufacture and installation of ultrasonic wastewater flow meters, water level monitors and water quality monitoring equipment for smart network monitoring of sewerage, wastewater and trade effluent.

Delivering cost effective, technologically advanced flow measurement systems, we provides flood management risk solutions focusing on measuring, recording, reporting and reacting to wastewater depths and flow rates.

We provide water companies with robust measurement and data. By implementing smart network monitoring, along with a combination of real-time and predictive data analysis, we can provide timely intervention reports to warn of potential or building issues and pollution reports that will significantly minimise the duration of any pollution events should they occur.

Installation of Detectronic monitoring products and use of our analysis and reporting systems enables water companies and operations teams to work more efficiently, improve compliance, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.

In 2016 we introduced Detectronic MEICA to the group; a multi-disciplined division, providing engineering solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors. A key area for them is maintenance and repair of Waste Water Treatment Works (WWTW) and pumping stations.

Wastewater Monitoring

Detectronic helps water companies improve wastewater network resilience and we do that in a number of ways:

Related Products

Detectronic develops and manufactures a range of wastewater flow meters, level monitors and water quality sensors.

All of these Waste Water Monitoring products are available to buy or hire. Please email Detectronic for more information and current prices.

Our dedicated in house field service team and Data Centre team is available to support water companies manage and get the most out of their fleet of water monitoring equipment.


All wastewater monitoring equipment needs servicing and regular maintenance. Our on-site services team  install and commission instruments.  They also provide maintenance programs to keep your fleet  in good shape and delivering accurate data.

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We deliver data to wherever you want it. Some of our customers prefer to manage the network in-house, while others use Detectronic Data Centre services to deliver a range of data collection, monitoring, analysis and reporting services.

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Monitoring wastewater treatment plants

Receiving reliable continuous real time data is essential for the effective running of a wastewater treatment facility. The diagram below is an example of where Detectronic instruments can help a wastewater treatment works to monitor water throughout the plant to improve process efficiencies and reduce running costs.

orakel asset performance monitor (apm)

Wastewater differs greatly in terms of its solid content, its chemistry and biology, depending on its source and whether it is industrial, domestic or storm water.  Wastewater Treatment Plants perform an essential function in removing  contaminants and returning water to rivers and streams.  ORAKEL APM monitors the constituent of waste water being received at the water treatment works, allowing you to see it, measure it and manage it.

The tool features a multi-analyser which has an integral flow channel allowing the system to calculate daily loads as well as instantaneous loading at the works.
Key parameters might include:

Correlating this flow and load data with other data from a series of smart sensors located within the network, it is now possible to develop a series of metrics that can be used to identify performance upstream in the catchment. It empowers decision making and inspires actions.

Dealing with severe weather events, avoiding sewage overflows, protecting the environment, complying with stringent regulatory standards and avoiding penalties are challenges for everyone in the wastewater industry. PR19 has four performance commitments on asset health:

With the ORAKEL APM, water companies will be able to use the insights of what is happening upstream together with the characteristics of the water prior to it reaching the plant, to improve operational efficiencies and ensure compliance once the water enters the treatment works.

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