Makes identifying blocked sewer alarms easy and reporting on the performance of sewerage systems simple

DetecData Pro

powerful wastewater analytics

DetecData Pro is an easy to use online portal providing blocked sewer alarms and enabling users to analyse both historical and real time sewer flow and level data from any device. DetecData Pro is data logger agnostic enabling any flow and level monitors to be connected.

  • Analysis and reporting tools
  • Secure online portal with access 24/7
  • Alarming system
  • Analyse historical data

blocked sewer alarms

Wastewater flow meters, level sensors and raingauges monitor the wastewater network in near real time. An alarm system notifies utility managers of blocked sewers, flooding or sewer overflow potential.

analysis and reporting

Produce reports for Inflow and Infiltration (I&I) studies and flow surveys easily. DetecData Pro incorporates a complete data package including:

  • Historical data
  • Real time data
  • Asset condition
  • Time series data
  • Field inspection data
  • Built in drawing
  • Scattergraphs
  • Geodatabase


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