Providing useful insights and alarms to help you manage your wastewater network with ease.


Detectronic waste water flow meters  are located throughout the sewer catchment. At regular pre-set intervals, the water flow meters collect data logs. The data is then transmitted, via GPS, to the Detectronic online data management system, where  water analysis is performed automatically.

Detectronic uses data from lots of sources including information from the met office in addition to flow data. Using the DetecData cloud based system, users have access to the following features:

Site visibility

Google Maps and street view is integrated into Detecdata as standard. Site locations are plotted on the maps and photos of the site and installation can be uploaded to give users full visibility of the site and the network as a whole. Users simply click on the location pin to access details about a particular site.



DetecData allows settings to be modified and profiles created for alarms, thresholds, logging rates and transmission frequency. Site alarms can be programmed to  automatically forward to multiple devices by SMS or email.


Intuitive graph navigation lets you explore and navigate through massive volumes of data efficiently and with ease. Multiple sites can be viewed on one graph using drag and drop functionality and options are available to  totalise data and compare profiles. Whatever you’re looking for, you’ll find it in DetecData, and if you want to export it to manipulate it further, you can do that too.

key analysis features

DetecData gives you the tools for efficient wastewater management.  It takes the flow data received from waste water flow meters in and around your network and turns it into actionable information that enables you to make smart decisions. Here’s a quick rundown of some of useful things you can do with the data.

Inflow and infiltration

Analyse the inflow and infiltration (I&I) rates in your network

Event Duration Monitoring

Use EDM systems to track event, frequency and duration of spills

Flow Analysis

Use flow, level and velocity data to find trends and averages

Rainfall Analysis

Look at daily, monthly, and yearly statistics

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MMS D051 – DetecData datasheet

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