Our brand new MCERTS flow meter is EA accredited and delivers highly accurate velocity, level and depth readings.

MSFM MCERTS Area Velocity flow meter

Maximise flow accuracy with the MSFM MCERTS flow meter, a highly accurate ultrasonic area velocity MCERTS flow meter for open channel monitoring and part filled pipes.

The MSFM MCERTS Area Velocity flow meter is a self-contained battery powered insertion multi-sensor flow meter and is certified to deliver guaranteed flow measurement accuracy for sites which require verification by MCERTS inspectors.

Portable and easily installed, it can be used for short term or long term flow monitoring programmes. Suitable applications include:

✔ Wastewater Monitoring

✔ Effluent Monitoring

✔ Environmental Permit Regulations (EPR)

✔ Inflow and Infiltration

✔ Pollution Control

✔ Flood Prevention

✔ Pass Forward Flows to full treatment

✔ Discharge Management

Portable ultrasonic AV flowmeter, with MCERTS accreditation

The MSFM MCERTS is accredited by the Environment Agency and is the ideal monitoring system for any business, industry or water company that falls within the Environmental Permitting Regulations (EPR).

It enables companies to understand exactly what is happening with their agreed consented discharge at any given time. Any flow greater than 50 cubic metres per day must be monitored with MCERTS accredited technology according to the Environment Agency’s Self-Monitoring Certification Scheme.

Water companies can use it to precisely monitor Pump Station Emergency overflow. Wastewater treatment works  can measure compliance with Pass forward flow (PFF) to full treatment and for  final discharge. It can also be employed in clean water reservoirs.

Multi sensor technology for improved accuracy

Using the velocity, depth and temperature to determine the flow rate ensures a more accurate reading that doesn’t require weirs or flumes. It automatically adapts to changes in production and intense weather that can affect the flow rates.

The MCERTS MSFM is battery powered making it perfect for installations that have no mains power available, such as remote sites.

The Lithium Ion battery has a life expectancy of 5 years.

Data Screening

Detectronic’s dedicated data centre monitors your network and uses your data to detect blockages before they cause flooding and pollution.

  • Real time data collection and monitoring helps you better understand your sewer network.
  • Using human Intelligence means you only receive validated intervention reports
  • Site data, MET office data and local environmental data is integrated for every site
  • Compatible with data from any make of telemetered monitors



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