Flow and Load surveys help manage compliance, DAF plans and process efficiencies

Flow and load survey

As part of our industrial wastewater services packages, we can implement flow and load surveys. A flow and load survey can save a company vast sums of money on their water bills and are an essential requirement for wastewater treatment works and industrial facilities.

Flow and load surveys are short term surveys used to understand the water flow and strength of trade effluent. These surveys may be conducted to understand weaknesses in the process or in a DAF plan, and as a way to measure compliance with the consent licence.

The quality of trade effluent is determined by kg/day and is often based on:

  • Chemical Oxygen Demand (COD)
  • Biological Oxygen Demand (BOD)
  • Settled Solids
  • Suspended Solids

Flow is the volume of the industrial effluent and load is the chemical content.


Flow survey

Our approach uses an ultrasonic wastewater flow monitor to determine flow rates. An account manager from  the industrial trade effluent services team would work with your team to understand how your site works and the processes that affect the flow. They would then determine the length of survey required and the time increments measurements are to be recorded for the most accurate results.

Load survey

We would use an automatic wastewater sampler to take 24 samples over a course of time determined by the regular process of the facility for the most accurate reading. The wastewater sampler could be connected to the flow meter to conduct proportional flow samples. The samples would then be sent to a specialist laboratory for analysis and to determine the level and load.

product solution

The Detectronic ORAKEL system is an ideal solution for flow and load surveys, measuring everything you need with one system.

A variety of flow meters can be added depending on whether the environment is an open channel, or a closed pipe.

The ORAKEL system is a modular system which can expanded to allow up to 16 sensors to be added, all measuring different parameters such as pH, turbidity and dissolved oxygen, with just one system. This unique flexibility makes the ORAKEL System very cost effective.

The ORAKEL system is available to buy or hire.

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