Providing flow surveys for a multitude of applications and industry sectors

Flow Surveys

One of Detectronic’s core competencies is to conduct flow surveys.  For water companies, civils contractors, MOD sites, construction companies and other companies undertaking building developments, we carry out surveys in wastewater sewer channels.  Typically carried out for an 8 week period, surveys are used to measure depth and velocity of the water within the network.

Flow surveys are also an essential for many industries to maintain safe operations and help you understand the process better.  Our ultrasonic clamp on flow meters can measure almost any liquid in  almost any process line without the need for cutting, welding or disruption to the process.

Water Utilities

Detectronic uses ultrasonic flow measurement technology to help water companies manage their networks and processes effectively. Flow surveys may be used for:

Flow surveys are often extended for longer terms and into permanent monitoring solutions to help manage the wastewater network more efficiently and to understand the environmental conditions when trying to understand the causes of flooding or bottlenecks.

Detectronic uses water flow meters to accurately measure depth and velocity in sewer networks. Level monitors are used measure water levels and rain gauges are used to monitor rainfall rates.


Regardless of what sector you operate in, be it food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, or paper, flow surveys provide  essential information at every stage of the manufacturing process. Flow surveys tell you flow velocity and help you detect weaknesses, leaks and blockages. With that information you can make provisions for improvements, find efficiencies and save costs.

  • Trade effluent monitoring
  • Understanding the volumetric flow through a process line
  • Validation of an installed metering system
  • Evaluate whether an un-metered line is suitable
  • Check if pumping equipment is working as expected
  • Flow verifications

Before a process is modified or works have been expanded, it it important to understand what is happening and how it all works. We would take accurate measurements at all the relevant process variables to help engineers understand the hydraulic performance of the system.

Depending on what is being monitored, Detectronic have a range of flow meters to fit your requirements from clamp on ultrasonic flow meters for closed pipe monitoring to radar flow meters and inserted area velocity flow meters for open channels and partially filled pipes.

Remote Data Management

All Detectronic remote data management portals use a user friendly interface allowing you to manipulate it into an easy to digest, interactive format. Web based, your information is accessible wherever and whenever you need it. With the ability to set up email or SMS alerts, you don’t even need to log in to know when your network needs attention.

For a flow survey, flow rates, velocity and depth information is recorded at regular intervals, typically at a 2-minute logging rate throughout the survey. Data is then transmitted daily and customer are able to access the information through the Detectronic portal.

Intelligent remote monitoring and alarm handling helps to ensure your network is running at optimal levels, assets are protected and you are minimising operating costs and risk.

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Related Products

The Detectronic MSFM flow meter range is typically used for this type of work and measures wastewater flow, depth and velocity in open and closed channels.

The MSFM is battery powered making it perfect for installations that have no mains power available, such as remote sites. The lithium Ion battery has a life expectancy of 5 years.

The ORAKEL Time of Flight monitor has non-invasive, clamp-on transducers that allow you to measure nearly any process line without the need for cutting, welding, or process shutdown.

It can measure almost any fluid that contains <10% solids or gas; including water, oils, petrochemicals, alcohol and more.

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