Der Regenschreiber mit Kippwaage vereinigt hohe Qualität, Zuverlässigkeit und Messgenauigkeit mit unserem MSFM Datenlogger.

Diese Kombination garantiert die vollautomatische Übertragung von Niederschlagsdaten.

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Detectronic Remote GPRS Tipping Bucket Raingauge incorporates a high quality robust, reliable, precision measuring device and Detectronic’s MSFM GPRS Data Logger.

Diese Kombination garantiert die vollautomatische Übertragung von Niederschlagsdaten.


The body and funnel of the raingauge are made from an aluminium alloy with a machined septum ring at the top giving an aperture of 200cm2. The tipping bucket mechanism is mounted within on an alloy base, incorporating a built-in spirit level to aid correct positioning. All measurement processes comply with the ‘Guide to Metrological Instruments No. 8 of the WMO’.

Technische Daten

  • Proven GPRS data transfer and collection platform
  • Quad Band for Worldwide Operation
  • Data Compatible with SSAS & FlowWorks
  • Catchment area of 200cm2
  • Resolution of 0.2mm
  • Accuracy 1percent @ 26mm/hr
  • Integral Spirit Level for Leveling


Flughafen Manchester
Flughafen Manchester
Foul water drainage network monitoring will assess the site's existing hydraulic model.
23 August 2018
Sustainable Urban Drainage
Sustainable Urban Drainage
With the highly accurate hydraulic data and analysis that our monitors, rain gauges and data centre can deliver, we can ensure all existing and future sustainable drainage systems can be successfully monitored to be both reliable and effective.
22 August 2018
When a brewery asked a contractor to help them better understand their sewer network, they contacted us to help us with the technology and equipment for the monitoring project.
22 August 2018
Flow survey for housing development
Flow survey for housing development
Detectronic were commissioned to undertake a flow survey within two neighbouring residential housing developments in Yorkshire, UK. The monitoring catchment area features a housing development which is bordered by a main road to the east. There is a commercial development […]
16 März 2023