Detectronic is working to implement trade effluent monitoring for a major poultry processor based in the UK.
With turkey season fast approaching, the processor wants to better understand the impact of increased production on its trade effluent.

Turkey season is critical to the annual success of the business so it’s imperative that everything, including the trade effluent, runs as smoothly as possible


  • Deliver efficient trade effluent monitoring
  • Fully understand impact of seasonal production increases on trade effluent
  • Gain robust and meaningful data to support long-term effective trade effluent monitoring

Planung und Durchführung

After several visits to the site, we specified and installed a Detectronic MSFM Flow monitor at the production facility.

Designed for open channel flow monitoring and using advanced Doppler technology, the monitor is able to directly measure fluid velocity and, combined with an integral pressure sensor, determine fluid depth.


With multiple interface operations and multi-parameter logging such as pH and temperature, the monitor provides a common platform for support control and data acquisition enabling Detectronic’s highly skilled data centre analysts to supply robust, up-to-date information and create detailed management reports for the company. These reports include specific information required for compliance, quality analysis and process efficiency.

Food processing of any kind will always require the use of water. The water used in the processing of the turkeys ultimately ends up in the main trunk sewer via an effluent pipe.


The company is charged for their volume trade effluent so it’s imperative to fully understand exactly how much effluent the plant is creating. Bills for similar factories of this size can be up in excess of £100k per annum so it’s vital the operations team is able to generate reports backed up with robust data which could potentially save the company thousands of pounds each year.