New MCERTS Compliance Regulations – Are You Ready?

From April 1st, 2025, all new and replacement Event Duration Monitors (EDMs) in the UK must be MCERTS certified to comply with environmental regulations. Don’t get caught unprepared – equip your operations with LIDoTT, the cutting-edge portable EDM solution.

The UK’s First Battery-Powered MCERTS EDM Monitor

LIDoTT shatters the boundaries of remote monitoring with its revolutionary design:

  • Portable & Self-Powered: No mains power required! The integrated battery provides up to 5 years of autonomous operation.
  • MCERTS Certified Accuracy: +/-1mm precision measurements with continuous data stream and no deadbands.
  • Built for Harsh Environments: Rugged IP68 weatherproof casing with above-ground antenna for challenging site.

Save Costs & Streamline Compliance

By eliminating power requirements and enabling rapid deployment, LIDoTT radically reduces the capital and operating costs of EDM compliance:

Low Maintenance

5-year battery life keeps maintenance to a minimum.

Integrate with wider projects

Use as part of a wider Sewer Level Monitoring (SLM) project for full network visibility and management.

Cut Installation Costs

Self-contained design makes deployment quick and inexpensive.

Hassle-Free Setup & Reliable Data

LIDoTT is engineered for simple, worry-free operation from installation through reporting:

Turnkey compliance package

Rapid deployment, simple operation, dependable monitoring and comprehensive reporting.

Effortless Configuration

User-friendly app for fast calibration in the field.

Full-Service Data Management

Detectronic has a range of data screening and reporting package options.

Dependable Data Capture

Rugged components ensure uninterrupted 24/7 monitoring.

Don’t risk non-compliance penalties – transition to LIDoTT EDM monitoring today and keep your operations running smoothly through the upcoming MCERTS regulation changes.

Streamline your environmental monitoring programme!

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