Data Loggers

Turning flow, level and water quality measuring devices into a fully managed network.

Once you have monitoring instruments in place, accessing the data for your application is the next step. If your data engineers or analysts aren’t in the same location as the sensors, you’ll need remote access to your data.

At Detectronic, we have a choice of data loggers that will collect, validate and transfer the data to our secure cloud based data management portal, DetecData.

Our range of data loggers can be connected to all of our products.

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    2-Channel Data Logger

    The MSFM GRPS 2 channel datalogger is a precision GPRS 2-channel system that accurately monitors your incoming clean/mains water consumption. It provides industry standard remote monitoring and has a specially designed aerial to maximise the signal in underground locations.

    • Suitable for any pulse output enabled water meter.
    • Data can be used for leakage, billing or consumption purposes.
    • 4 individual alarms provide issue notification and data updates when you need them.
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    ATEX MSFM Lite

    The data is read and recorded by the MSFM Lite at predetermined logging intervals set by the user.

    Logged data is then transmitted via it’s 2G/3G/LTE-M1/NB-IoT capable modem (at user-selectable intervals (typically hourly, daily, weekly or monthly). Data can be transmitted direct to a host computer or viewed on Detectronics range of secure websites.

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    LIDoTT Smart

    LIDoTT Smart is an intrinsically safe, compact datalogger with 4G NB-IoT modem, internal antenna and up to 7 years battery life.

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    Multi Channel Data Logger

    The MSFM multichannel GPRS data logger is an energy efficient, reliable GRPS data logger enabling real-time information to be accessed from anywhere, at any time.