At Detectronic we embrace our obligations to operate in accordance with the requirements of all current legislation and codes of practice. We have rigorous quality management systems and policies in place, which are observed by all our people, to ensure that we achieve the highest standards.

Details of our policies and standards we observe can be found below.


We take quality seriously, so we’re proud that our standards are endorsed by all the relevant industry bodies.


The following certificates are available to download:

ISO 9001-2015   | ISO 14001:2015  | Cyber Essentials   | MCERTS MSFM | CHAS Certificate | CHAS Certificate – Advanced

IECEx Certificates: 9W3000 Battery IECEx SIR 08.0092X_Iss3  |  PTI IECEx CERT SIR 14.0013x ISS O  |  CSO probe v2 EXPORT IECEx SIR 12.0111x ISS 1  |  S2U MSFM IECEx CERT SIR 12.0044X ISS4  | Q_Flow 25 IECEx SIR 18.0049X Iss 0 | 9W3200 Battery IECEx_SIR_19.0019X_1 (1) |  | MSFM S2.5 IECEx SIR 19.0024X Iss 0  |   Q-Flow 25 IECEx SIR 18.0049X Iss 0MS Flow Meters SIR_QAR08.0019-10 Summary  |  MSFM S2.5T IECEx_SIR_19.0078_000   |  LIDoTT – IECEx CML 20.0019 Iss. 0

Ex Certificates: SIRA 08 ATEX M422  | MSFM SIRA 08ATEX2193X  |  9W3000 Battery SIRA 08ATEX2229XMSFM S2 SIRA 12ATEX2110X  | CSO v2 SIRA 12ATEX2259XPTI SIRA 14ATEX2027X  |  9W3200 Battery SIRA 19ATEX2046X  |  DI2.5 18ATEX2066U  |  Q-Flow 25 18ATEX2194X  | MSFM S2.5 19ATEX2061X  |  MSFM S2.5T 19ATEX2255X  |  LIDoTT – CML 20ATEX2039X Iss. 1  |  LIDoTT Smart – CML 21ATEX2097X Iss.0 signed

Business Management Policy

It is the policy of the Detectronic Group  to perform all its work to the highest possible level of quality and compliance. We work to ISO 9001 standards and have a comprehensive business management system in place.

HS-84 Health and Safety Policy Statement Iss 8 17.01.23

Health and Safety Policy

Our employees can work in some of the most challenging environments.  We operate to very stringent codes of practice to ensure the health and safety of each and every one of our  valued team. Those standards are deep seated within our site teams and reflected in every environment they work in.

HS-84 Health and Safety Policy Statement Iss 7 3.2.22

HRP 04 Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking Policy Iss 4 21.06

Environmental Policy

Detectronic is committed to complying with accepted environmental practices. We believe there are always ways to improve our environmental management system, and to minimise the creation of waste and pollution.  We work to ISO 1  4001:2015 standards and manage our processes, our materials and our people in order to reduce the environmental impact on our work.

EMS DN 4 Environment Policy Statement Iss 9 03.02.22

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