LIDoTT Alarm

Self contained water level measurement and alarm device.

  • Radar sensor with 5° beam angle
  • Measures up to 8.4m
  • Sensor, battery, modem and aerial in one
  • ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified
  • 3 alarm states to configure
  • Long life battery up to 7 years
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What is the LIDoTT?

LIDoTT® ALARM is a level measurement and alarm device which integrates the Level sensor, battery, modem and Detectronic’s unique Neptune antenna into one compact device. LIDoTT® ALARM alerts users to changes in wastewater depth enabling utilities to react quickly to blockages and surcharges caused by sewer collapses.

Key benefits of our LIDoTT

Continuous Measurement and Alarm Delivery

Alarm threshold set-points are configured on site during installation. A “return to normal” message is sent when levels fall back below the Alarm threshold.

5 min or 15 min Level measurement sampling rates can be configured.

Optionally, logging at 15 minute intervals is available at extra cost.

A daily heartbeat message verifies the sensor is operational.

Designed for convenience

LIDoTT® ALARM is simple to install and zero maintenance by design.

The enclosure is moulded from a carefully selected, resilient, naturally self-cleaning plastic polymer and is submersible.

ATEX and IECEx certified

Zone 0

Widespread Deployment

LIDoTT® ALARM is ideal for widespread deployment throughout sewer networks, and in domestic or lateral sewers.  LIDoTT® ALARM is also suitable for deployment across other water courses. It offers up to 3 configurable level states e.g. normal, high level and high-high level (green, amber, red). LIDoTT® ALARM continues to provide the status on alarms as the liquid levels return to a normal range.

LIDoTT alarm diagram showing underground data

Easy to mount

The LIDoTT® Laser pointer is temporarily clipped onto the fixing pole during installation to identify the measurement target and ensure the ideal sensor mounting position. Once marked, the LIDoTT® ALARM replaces the laser pointer and is locked into place. The whole assembly is easily removed and replaced in exactly the same position should future access to the chamber be needed.

Data Communications

The LIDoTT® ALARM communicates using NB-IoT/Cat M1/M2 with 2G fallback.

  • When breached each ALARM threshold will trigger an ALARM message send which includes current Level value – both  going High AND when returning to Normal
  • ALARMs are delivered via Detectronic Cloud – SMS, Email and Website with GIS options are all available
  • Optional weather-managed ALARM-filtering
  • Optional Level data logging function – 15 minute intervals reported every 24 hours with latest data sent upon alarm


Type: Pulsed Coherent Microwave Radar (PCR)
Range: Up to 8m
Accuracy: +/- 5mm

Operating temperature: -20°C to +70°C.
Protection: IP68/NEMA6P.
Dimensions: 92mm (w) x 196mm (h)
x 122mm (d)

Internal Hi-Gain NB-IoT/Cat M/2G antenna

ATEX – Zone 0
IECEx – Zone 0