Sewer Networking Monitoring Systems

Detectronic is a specialist in sewer and wastewater network monitoring and management. We have a rich history of working with water utilities to facilitate real time management of sewerage systems by monitoring wastewater flows and effluent levels at CSO’s and other critical points in the network.

Our online portals work together with Detectronic’s flow and level monitors to create a highly effective sewer network monitoring system.

Lidott Smart System

The LIDoTT Smart System is a robust, cost effective solution for long term sewer network monitoring. It helps operations teams to:

  • Observe and understand their sewer networks’ performance in near real time
  • React to rising water levels and potential blockages before they become real problems
  • Increase operational resilience with future flow predictions
  • Reduce flooding and pollution events


An AI powered predictive analytics platform built for waste water network monitoring, which can detect blockages before they become real problems and provide water utilities with early warning of potential events.

  • Alarms and notifications displayed on customer dashboard
  • Sewer event prediction using rainfall, tidal, real time and historical data
  • Autonomous anomaly detection
  • Prediction of high levels in the sewer network within 48 hours


A highly intuitive system for data analytics, alarm management and site visualisation.

  • View data in graphical or tabular form
  • Create alarms and forward to mobile or email
  • View sites, status, communications and performance on a personalised dashboard
  • Google maps integrated as standard
  • Configure data loggers remotely

DetecData Pro

A powerful application for sewer flow and rainfall monitoring that is compatible with any type of data logger.

  • Customised alarms with alerts forwarded to mobile or email
  • Activity logs to record all site activity
  • Analysis tool offering Inflow and Infiltration analysis, Intensity duration frequency analysis, storm runoff analysis and more
  • Easily create weekly or monthly reports and scatter graphs
  • Compare two or more sets of time-series data
  • View individual sites or the whole project

HydroEye AI

A highly intuitive system for data analytics, alarm management and site visualisation. Applications include:

  • Sewer Level Monitoring, AI based Blockage Prediction, CSO monitoring
  • Sewer Flow Monitoring, I&I and Capacity studies
  • Sewer Illegal discharge or water quality monitoring
  • Sewer Network Asset digitization and management, geofencing to prevent underground asset damage from construction activities

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We are specialists in the design, manufacture and installation of ultrasonic wastewater flow and level monitoring equipment for the water industry. At Detectronic, we provide a range of wastewater management services to help you. Any of our products and services can be combined to create a package that's tailored to your business and your end goals.

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