Our Services

Flow Surveys

Our flow surveys determine what is happening in the sewer network using a combination of water flow, velocity and depth readings. They are often used to detect inflow and infiltration rates, bottlenecks in the sewer system and sewer capacity.

Flow & Load Surveys

A Water Flow and Load survey can save a company vast sums of money on their water bills, help manage compliance, DAF plans and process efficiencies.

Trade Effluent Services

Detectronic is a specialist in providing trade effluent services. We offer a range of trade effluent monitoring systems and services to help keep you compliant and can save you money.

CSO Monitoring

Detectronic works with water utilities to implement comprehensive CSO monitoring and comply with Combined Sewer Overflow regulations. We do this with smart sewer network monitoring programs

Wastewater Management

Detectronic provides real-time detection and alarm notification, enabling smarter wastewater management and preventing environmental damages, costly clean ups, fines, regulatory penalties and negative publicity.

Flow Meter Hire

All our flow meters are available to hire on a weekly or on-going basis. All equipment will be configured to your needs and application.