Water Level Sensors

Monitoring water levels and depth for smart water network management.

Our level sensors and depth monitors are used for capturing temporary and permanent level measurement in wastewater networks. The data they provide can help to monitor spills and provide early flood warnings.

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    LIDoTT Alarm

    Self contained water level measurement and alarm device.

    • Radar sensor with 5° beam angle
    • Measures up to 8.4m
    • Sensor, battery, modem and aerial in one
    • ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified
    • 3 alarm states to configure
    • Long life battery up to 7 years
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    LIDoTT Sensor

    LIDoTT® is a unique, UK and Worldwide, patented design.

    On rising and falling water levels, LIDoTT® seamlessly transitions from ultrasonic level measurement to pressure depth measurement and back again – delivering continuous data.

    • Pressure sensor depth measurement (under water)
    • Integral temperature sensor
    • Ultrasonic level measurement
    • ATEX and IECEx Zone 0 certified
    • Battery powered MCERTS EDM monitor
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    MSFM Lite Ultrasonic Water Level Sensor

    Detectronic‘s MSFM Lite combined liquid level sensor is specifically designed to measure the levels and depth of water in Combined Sewer Overflows. It can also be used for remote monitoring of tank and reservoir levels located in potentially explosive atmospheres certified to ATEX Zone 0.

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    ORAKEL Primary Device

    An open channel, non contacting flow meter designed for use with flumes and weirs.

    The Orakel Primary device system is a non contact water level sensor. It comprises an ORAKEL controller and an external level transducer.

    An intuitive and versatile flow module is built into the Orakel. It works by converting level readings to flow measurements using standardised formulas.

    This product is particularly well suited to measuring flows through weirs and flumes.

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    Tipping Bucket Raingauge incorporates a high quality robust, reliable, precision measuring device and Detectronic’s MSFM GPRS Data Logger.

    They combine to provide a fully automated transmission of Rainfall.