LIDoTT Smart System

Ageing infrastructure, urban growth and increasing incidences of extreme weather are all putting pressure on already strained wastewater networks. To support water utilities in managing their wastewater network, Detectronic’s complete solution for smart sewer network monitoring helps operations teams to:

  • Observe and understand their sewer networks’ performance in near real time
  • React to rising water levels and potential blockages before they become real problems
  • Increase operational resilience with future flow predictions
  • Reduce flooding and pollution events

The LIDoTT Smart System is a robust, cost effective solution for long term sewer network monitoring
It consists of:

LIDoTT Smart

An intrinsically safe system comprising the LIDoTT® Smart datalogger and LIDoTT® Sensor. Optimised for sewer network monitoring, the sensor automatically switches sensor modes from level to depth when the sewer network is stressed.

Key Features

  • 1500mm precision, non-contact Ultrasonic level measurement
  • Automatic transition to an additional 10,000mm Pressure depth measurement range when submerged
  • No ultrasonic dead-band effect
  • 4 – 7 years battery life – use case dependent
  • Replaceable battery pack
  • ATEX/UKEX/IECEx certified, Zone 0

Intelligent Sewer Management

A cloud-based visualisation and AI powered predictive analytics tool for wastewater networks which can detect blockages before they become real problems and provide water utilities with early warning of potential events.

Key Features

  • Alarms and notifications displayed on customer dashboard
  • Sewer event prediction using rainfall, tidal, real time and historical data
  • Autonomous anomaly detection
  • Prediction of high levels in the sewer network up to 48 hours ahead
Data from the LIDoTT Sensor
Data from a traditional ultrasonic sensor

High quality data

Installed just above the flow to be measured within the sewer network, LIDoTT’s narrow ultrasonic beam delivers high  quality level data with millimetric precision throughout normal operation and minor weather-induced events.

Should more extreme conditions cause the water level to rise close to or above the sensor, LIDoTT seamlessly switches
from ultrasonic level to pressure depth measurement right up to 11.500m above invert.

Simple Set Up

The LIDoTT® mobile app is used to remotely configure the device by magnet activated Bluetooth communication.

Signal Strength

 An optional antenna enhances signal strength in low signal areas.


The LIDoTT® Sensor is designed to fit and forget. It is fully submersible and self-cleaning, it has no moving parts and requires no routine maintenance.

Data Communications

The LIDoTT® Smart datalogger communicates over 2G and 4G (LTE-M and NB-IoT) and will automatically connect to the strongest available network.

A variety of antennas are available to enhance signals in challenging areas.


Early Warning System

Actual and predicted abnormalities in wastewater levels are identified and shown on the visual dashboard as ‘medium’, ‘high’ or ‘critical’ alarms.
The system delivers early warning of changes which, without intervention, might lead to blockages, impact network performance and risk pollution or flooding events.


MMS D053 – LIDoTT Smart System

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