Sewer Network Monitoring in Singapore

Detectronic has been working with IoT specialist, Space Age Labs (SAL) on a ‘proof-of-concept’ trial with Public Utilities Board (PUB) in Singapore. The trial involves the implementation of level sensors to deliver a complete solution for sewer network monitoring, blockage detection and proactive maintenance management.


Help PUB identify suitable solutions to:

  • A dry climate with risks of flash flooding from tropical storms
  • High levels of FOGs from domestic, leisure and industrial sources resulting in blockages and sewer To measure the flows across the site to work out what quantity of effluent was coming from where.


The LIDoTT Sensor will operate with any appropriately certified datalogger that can deliver its modest power requirements. It can communicate with the datalogger using a number of serial protocols including Modbus, making it ideal for this project. The LIDoTT sensor was installed alongside SAL’s Smart RTU  and Analytics platform for the trial. Space Age Labs wireless RTUs called ‘rEye IOT transmitter’ are based on low-power networks (such as NBIOT/LTE-M and Sigfox), which are cost-effective and easy to deploy. It’s user-friendly AI cloud software platform called ‘rEye IOT cloud’ uses advanced data analytics to provide insights to operators for smart integrated asset management like preventing flooding / overflows, illegal discharge / pollution monitoring, resource consumption, fault detection etc.

The smart network monitoring project is to last indefinitely with up to 2000 monitors being added to additional  catchments over the coming year. The project is currently in phase 1 with 20 sensors being successfully deployed
which is being followed by 200 sensors in phase 2 and ramping up delivery to meet the customers monitoring targets.


Working together, the LIDoTT sensors,  rEye IOT RTU and analytics technology,  has provided an ideal, all-encompassing solution for this current trial for PUB by providing valuable data and exceed the objectives. The LIDoTT is an extremely beneficial piece of equipment since it offers an innovative and cost-effective alternative to monitoring potential hotspots across the wastewater network.

Leela Krishna Sriramula, Space Age Labs

20 LIDoTT sensors have been deployed successfully within the Singapore sewer network. The client has been able to effectively monitor the critical points in network where these sensors have been deployed for hydraulic anomalies, blockages and flooding. This has greatly benefited the customer by offering them invaluable advanced warning of impending pollution incidents and enabling them to proactively respond to anomaly alarms greatly improving their abilities of reducing public and environmental impact.