University SuDs scheme

As part of the development of a large area of the University’s campus to create additional student accommodation, the University’s Flood Management Centre asked contractors to incorporate a SuDS scheme for the site.

The ambitious SuDS project is aimed at improving surface water management and increasing biodiversity across the campus. Following the implementation of the SuDS scheme, the Flood Management Centre approached us to monitor and measure its efficacy and efficiency.


Difficult sewer conditions and tricky monitoring locations were two of the key issues we had to overcome with this particular project.


  • Ascertain how effectively the University’s SuDS scheme is handling flows and volumes across the campus
  • Gain a highly accurate insight and fully understand the performance and impact of the SUDS, including determining the amount of water entering the Yorkshire Water network

Planning and implementation

Following several site visits and consultations with the Flood Management Centre team, we drew up a detailed monitoring plan. Next, in order to achieve the objectives outlined above, we installed 17 MSFMs and two LIDoTTs in strategic locations across the campus.

The installation of these flow and level monitors will specifically enable us to understand the mass balance of surface and wastewater from the University campus into the Yorkshire Water network. As such, we will be able to accurately assess the performance of the SuDS (and its impact on new student accommodation being planned). It is likely that this will be assessed over the next ten years.


All monitors were successfully installed after rigorous assessment of ideal locations across campus. This installation has consequently led to a five-year data services contract and an initial first maintenance contract. Next steps will be to deliver on-going maintenance for the batteries and ensure data quality throughout the duration of the project.

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