Vauxhall Motors Trade Effluent

20 years after first supplying Vauxhall Motors’ Ellesmere Port plant with monitoring equipment for the company’s trade effluent system, flood and pollution prevention specialists, Detectronic has secured a maintenance contract to deliver ongoing trade effluent monitoring.

Explains Phill Tuxford, Sales and Technical Support Engineer for Detectronic: “Last summer, John Kenny, Mechanical Planning Engineer for Vauxhall Motors, contacted us and purchased two of our MSFM Ultrasonic flow monitors for storm water monitoring at the plant.”

“At the same time, we had an in-depth discussion with John about how we could further help with the monitoring, analysis and delivery of reliable, highly accurate results for the company’s trade effluent.

John hired one of our MSFM monitors for an 8 week period to verify exactly what type of results it could provide and after just two weeks, he decided to buy the unit outright!”

Continues Phill: “We now have three maintenance contracts for each of the three units and we also screen the data from those monitors on a daily basis on behalf of Vauxhall. Our dedicated data centre team is able to inform John immediately if there are any anomalies in the data that comes through enabling him to deal quickly and efficiently with any issues before they even arise.”

“The latest trade effluent unit we installed has also been set up on a separate login so that the representative from the respective water company can see the data directly for himself which is of great benefit for both parties.”

“We have now set up bespoke alarms (for a daily consumption breech) and a monthly export of data (daily consumption totals) for the same water company representative to provide even more robust trade effluent monitoring for the plant.”

Outlines John Kenny, Mechanical Planning Engineer for Vauxhall Motors: “Detectronic were recommended to me and from our initial work with Phill and the team last year to this latest project, I have been very impressed with their highly professional, step-by-step approach to all aspects of our requirements.”

“We’re a very busy plant and we rely on Detectronic’s daily verification data to sense check exactly what’s happening with our trade effluent – I can rely on them to report even the slightest anomalies so we can address any issues before they even arise.”

“At the same time, the monitors are important financially because they enable the water company to work put exact volumes of water in and effluent out, they can then charge us accordingly. Having such accurate data is very useful because we can verify ourselves that we are being charged for the right amount, no more and no less.”

Adds John: “Our environmental team also depends on the data the monitors provide. Compliance is a key factor in our industry – we must comply with numerous discharge limits to ensure we are not breaching our consent levels so having the monitors and data they deliver enables us to keep an extremely close eye on our trade effluent.”

Concludes Phill: “By working in partnership with John and his team, we have implemented a highly effective trade effluent monitoring system. As such, we’re focused on enabling companies just like Vauxhall Motors to manage their water consumption and wastewater disposal more efficiently with the aim of saving them money.”

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