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At Detectronic, we provide a range of wastewater management services to help our customers.  From our head office in Lancashire, we manufacture, supply and maintain a range of water flow and water quality monitoring equipment. We also offer a full spectrum of complementary services from product installations, through to whole solutions to help companies work better.

Any of our products and services can be combined to create a package that’s tailored to your business and your end goals. That is to say, no matter how big you are, public or private and in what industries you work in, Detectronic can help with water monitoring projects. Take a look at the types of services we offer below and then let’s talk.

Flow Surveys

Measuring, recording, and reporting. Flow surveys react to Depth and Flow Rates in waste-water channels. That includes sewers, storm drains and combined sewer overflows, as well as highways and land drainage monitoring.
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Flow and load survey

Short term surveys used to understand the water flow and strength of trade effluent. These surveys may be conducted to understand weaknesses in the process or in a DAF plan, and as a way to measure compliance with the consent licence.
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Flow meter hire

All our flow meters are available to hire on a weekly basis. Typical rental periods are 8 weeks, although some customers choose to hire equipment on an on-going basis for certain projects.

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trade effluent services

Industrial water auditing and trade effluent monitoring helps processing and manufacturing businesses stay compliant and save money.
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CSO monitoring

We help water companies monitor the performance of CSOs and integrate Event Duration Monitoring programmes to identify risk and spillages.
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Wastewater Management

Delivering near real-time monitoring solutions and analytics to help customers manage their networks and save money.
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Flow Data

The Detectronic Data Centre team analyse the information received from flow monitors. They stop false alarms being sent and work with companies to take action when problems arise.
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On site services

Our dedicated field service team provide a full range of installation, maintenance and de-commissioning services. They support instruments from Detectronic and other equipment manufacturers
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MCERTS Monitoring

Any daily flow exceeding 50m3 needs to be be monitored by flow monitoring equipment that reaches the MCERTS standard, such as the MSFM MCERTS flow meter.
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