Sewer Network Monitoring

Can we eliminate spills and pollutions forever?

The Government and UK water companies are now firmly under fire from members of the public and environmentalists following continued concern over the quality of the country’s rivers and beaches. According to recent figures from the Environment Agency, a total […]

Why it’s smart to increase your sewer network monitoring

by Dave Walker BSc (Hons), BA, co-founder of Detectronic Effectively managing hundreds of thousands of miles of sewer network is not an enviable task. And with ever changing industry regulation, stricter statutory targets, additional compliance and a growing abundance of […]


LIDoTT® Smart System delivers millimetric accuracy and cost-effective smart sewer network monitoring solution Ageing infrastructure, urban growth and incidences of extreme weather are escalating the problems experienced by already strained wastewater networks. To deliver an intelligent, effective and economical, solution, […]