Industrial Wastewater

What is effluent discharge?

Effluent discharge is liquid waste, other than waste from kitchens or toilets, surface water or domestic sewage. It is produced and discharged by any industrial or commercial premises, such as a food processing factory or manufacturing business. Often referred to […]

Do I need a discharge license?

Every industrial or commercial premises that releases wastewater in the form of trade effluent requires a discharge license. The reason for this is because the effluent could harm the environment. Whether the premises lets go 2 litres or 2,000 litres […]

What is trade waste water?

Trade waste water, also known as trade effluent, is any water produced by a business or process that is not domestic sewage or uncontaminated rainwater. Businesses must obtain a consent license before discharging any liquid to a public sewer which […]

Trade effluent environmental legislation

This post is designed to help you find out more about trade effluent, what it is and the environmental legislation and regulations surrounding it. Most, but not all manufacturing businesses need to have a trade effluent license, so it is […]

What are trade effluent charges?

A wide variety of companies and organisations across different industries create trade effluent as the result of a specific process or activities such as producing food & drink, building cars or developing medicines. If your business produces trade effluent that […]

What is trade effluent consent?

Trade effluent consent is delivered by means of a license or permit that is issued by the respective water company to a business or facility that produces wastewater, specifically ‘trade effluent’. Understanding trade effluent In order to fully understand the […]

Fats, oils and grease blockages

Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) come from food products such as butter, lard, vegetable oils, animal fats, meats, sauces and dairy products. FOG is typically generated during the preparation of food containing these products and from associated cleaning/washing up processes […]

Examples of trade effluent

There are many different examples of trade effluent that are the result of the varied processes and activities undertaken by companies operating across a number of industries. Trade effluent is any liquid waste, other than surface water and domestic sewage, […]

Understanding your trade effluent license

If you own or manage a company that discharges effluent that could harm the environment, you will need a trade effluent license so that it can be treated safely. This article is designed to help you in understanding trade effluent […]

Process monitoring

Regardless of industry, industrial plant operators find themselves under increasing pressure. That could be to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and to comply with stringent regulations. Process monitoring is important across a range of industries. Firstly, power plants and petrochemical industries […]

Why measure process flows? Wastewater flow monitoring

It’s a good question, and one we’re asked more often than you might think! First and foremost, accurate process flow monitoring and measurement can deliver significant savings on wastewater and trade effluent charges. Companies operating an industrial process that involves […]

Are you compliant?

If you’re a manufacturer, be it of cars, sausages, beer or paracetamol, irrespective of what you manufacture you will almost certainly be producing trade effluent. What is trade effluent? Trade effluent is classed as any effluent produced from a process […]