Process monitoring

Date: 18/04/19 | In: Industrial Wastewater

Regardless of industry, industrial plant operators find themselves under increasing pressure. That could be to reduce costs, improve efficiencies and to comply with stringent regulations.

Process monitoring is important across a range of industries. Firstly, power plants and petrochemical industries frequently use heat exchangers. Oil leakages at turbines, pumps or within the heat exchanger result in the cooling water being polluted.

Secondly, high pressures and temperatures or sensitive processing environments in chemical plants often make grab sampling and offline process monitoring impractical or impossible. This results in the need for inline monitoring.

Thirdly, in pharmaceutical manufacturing, at-line cleaning verification is a critical process. It ensures the prevention of contamination and cross-contamination of residues between manufacturing runs. This is also true for clean-in-place (CIP) processes used in food and beverage manufacturing. Inline monitoring of the rinse water can help reduce water usage, chemical consumption, wastewater costs and process time.

Flow and level monitoring

In most operations it is important to know that the right liquid is at the right place at the right time. Detectronic offer level monitors to help you monitor water sources, along with a range of flow meters. 

Water quality monitoring

Water taken from rivers, boreholes or recycled water can be used as part of the process. That could include pre-treatment, clarification, filtration, membrane reverse osmosis (RO), disinfection, boiling and cooling. Some raw water sources can contain trace levels of organics, resulting in corrosion, deposition and scaling. The ORAKEL System allows multiple water quality sensors to be added, each measuring different parameters. As such pH, conductivity, turbidity, chlorine and COD can be easily measured. In  conclusion, our solutions can help with:

  • Analysers and process control
  • Chemical dosing systems
  • Ultraviolet disinfection system