ORAKEL Q-Flow Ultrasonic Area Velocity Flow Meter

An adaptable area velocity flow meter that can be connected to any data logger or integrate into an established SCADA system.

Q-Flow ultrasonic area velocity flow meter. The Q-Flow 25 is designed to be an adaptable area velocity flow meter that can be connected to any data logger or integrated into an established SCADA system.

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It is suitable for use in open channels and partially filled pipes and is ideal for:

Short term flow surveys

Permanent real time monitoring

How It Works

Installed within the open channel, the sensor simultaneously uses ultrasound waves to measure the velocity of the liquid flow and pressure sensing technology to establish depth.

Pre-configured dimensions of the pipe or channel are used to determine the overall volume of flow.

The Q-Flow interface converts the raw data received from the sensor into recognised languages including MODBUS frequency outputs are all optional.

The Q-Flow 25 interface can be connected to a data logger or integrated directly into a SCADA System via a PLC, giving the user full control.

Key Features

on board flow claculation

Works in rectangular, circular or trapezoidal pipes. Pulse output can be used for flow proportional sampling.


A built-in temperature sensor provides greater accuracy of measurement.

Market leading accuracy

Uses velocity and depth to calculate the overall flow.

Cost Effective

Where required, the Q-Flow interface can be connected directly to the customers data management system negating the need for additional data loggers, transmitters and controllers.



Dual piezoelectric elements.DEPTH SENSOR

Hydrostatic pressure.


Titanium diaphragm isolated silicon sensor.


Sensor cable 10m as standard, up to 20m

if required.


Sensor module protection: IP68.

Operating temperature: -20°C to +60°C.


Version available with ATEX Zone 1 approval,

Sira 18ATEX2194X and IECEx SIR 18.0049X,

II 1G, Ex ia IIB T4 Ga, Ta = -40°C to +60°C.

PERFORMANCE – Velocity Sensor

Velocity range: 0.03m/s to 4.00m/s

(resolution 1mm/s).

Linearity: ±1%.

Velocity Sensor Accuracy: ±2.5% FS

(±1% in calibrated range 0.05m/s – 2.00m/s).PERFORMANCE – Depth Sensor

Range: 0.0m to 3.5m (resolution 1.0mm).

Linearity: 0.1% BSL.

Accuracy: ±0.2% FS

(±0.1% in calibrated range 0.03m – 2.00m).

PERFORMANCE – Temperature Sensors

Range: -20°C to +60°C

Resolution:  ±5°C