We are committed to helping customers through an analytical, innovative and creative approach to problem solving.

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Detectronic is a specialist in Sewer and Wastewater Network Monitoring and Management focusing on measuring, recording, reporting and reacting to wastewater depths and flow rates.

Detectronic is passionate about quality and efficiency. We are committed to helping customers through an analytical, innovative and creative approach to problem solving.

specialist wastewater network monitoring Products

Detectronic designs and manufactures a range of ultrasonic wastewater flow, level and water quality monitoring equipment for specialist wastewater network monitoring of sewerage, wastewater and trade effluent.

We use ultrasonic flow measurement technology to help water companies manage their networks and processes effectively. Flow meters can be used for early detection of flooding, understanding inflow and infiltration rates, CSO monitoring and smart network monitoring of the sewer. Our products are used for short and permanent flow monitoring projects.

Engineering Services

In 2016 we introduced Detectronic MEICA to the group; a multi-disciplined division, providing engineering solutions across a diverse range of industry sectors. We combine design, process and operational capability with our engineering expertise to deliver a fully integrated, end-to-end, in-house service. Our range of projects includes:

    • Municipal and industrial wastewater treatment
    • Pumping station refurbishments
    • Chemical dosing programmes
    • MEICA

specialist wastewater netwok monitoring Intelligence

The Detectronic Data Centre team delivers continuous data screening and specialist wastewater network monitoring analysis. Over the last decade, our analysts have accumulated vast amounts of hydraulic sewer data amounting to more than ten billion data points.

By implementing smart network monitoring along with a combination of real-time and predictive data analysis, we provide timely intervention reports to warn of potential or building issues. Additional pollution reports help to significantly minimise the duration of any pollution events should they occur.

Installation of Detectronic monitoring products and use of our analysis and reporting systems enables water companies and operations teams to work more efficiently, improve compliance, reduce costs and increase customer satisfaction.


Using the intelligence gathered over time, Detectronic is able to develop innovative solutions such as the ORAKEL APM. The tool features a multi-analyser which has an integral flow channel allowing the system to calculate daily loads as well as instantaneous loading at the works. Correlating this flow and load data with other data from a series of smart sensors located within the network, it is now possible to develop a series of metrics that can be used to identify performance upstream in the catchment.

The Detectronic Alarm Manager uses predictive analysis techniques to turn raw data into insights that are used to build an advanced automated alarm system. Every sewer catchment is unique, so additional information and powerful mathematical processing allows the true behaviour of the catchment to be revealed. Alarm profiles prioritise severe disturbances from small disturbances, resulting in greater confidence in the system when alarms are forwarded on.

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