Date: 09/11/20 | In: Partnerships & Alliances

As the festive season dawns you might find your thoughts turning to what to get someone for Christmas? Will it be a bottle of their favourite tipple? Is there a room that doesn’t have an Amazon Echo in it yet?

Why not think outside the box and give the gift of clean water.

Aquabox is a volunteer-led charity, operating worldwide, which provides safe drinking water (using filtration units) and humanitarian aid to crisis zones and refugee camps around the world. They have developed a wonderful device, the family filter. Each family filter is capable of meeting all the water needs for a family of 6. Trials in the Gambia have shown that the filters can continue to dispense water for over 7 years which is over 500,000l of safe drinking water.

Remarkably, the family filter costs just £25 to manufacture and makes a massive difference to the lives of thousands of families that have no access to clean water.

Nobody needs an Amazon Echo in the downstairs loo! Spend that money on a £25 donation to this fabulous charity and change a family’s life.

To make a donation go to their Just Giving page https://www.justgiving.com/campaign/cleanwaterforChristmas

In return for your donation, you’ll receive a certificate by email, which you can print out and wrap up.