Date: 21/01/19 | In: News

One of the latest projects we’re undertaking is working with a UK water company to deliver a predictive alarms trial as part of ongoing work to safeguard its waste water network.

“We’ve worked collaboratively with this water company for many years and they have always taken a highly proactive stance to monitoring,” explains our commercial director Dave Walker. “Their decision to implement our automated alarm management system – Alarm Manager – will ensure total resilience within the sewer network in AMP7 and beyond.”

Using a combination of 22 of our MSFM flow monitors and Alarm Manager, the aim of the initial six month project is to build a comprehensive profile of each of the sites being analysed. The infrastructure we intend to implement will deliver real-time intelligent analysis of data gleaned from the monitors that we will place strategically throughout the catchment to monitor the rate of change in the hydraulic profile of the waste water network.

Alarm Manager will integrate directly into the SCADA system with the objective of developing a fully automated system for the future. Our dedicated data centre analysts will audit the system and our field services team will maintain all of the site monitors for a full 360-degree service delivery.

The benefit to the water company is a robust alarm and data processing tool that will reduce false alarms, increase confidence and enable the evaluation of flood risks. Data provided will also inform the Capacity Assessment Framework, support the integration of sewer, pluvial and fluvial models, enhance capability in modelling overland flood paths and help target effective interventions for customers during AMP7.