Detectronic Broadens Partnership with Aeris to Support Global Expansion

Date: 02/02/21 | In: Anwendungsbeispiele

In this latest case study we explore our partnership with Aeris.

In preparation for upcoming global 2G network sunsets, and also to ensure that new business opportunities throughout the world (where 2G networks have already been shut off) are not missed, Detectronic opted to transition future deployments to newer network technologies. Aeris, an existing partner of Detectronic has supported this strategy with global SIMs deployed on the Aeris Fusion IoT Network.

The Aeris Fusion IoT Network provides Detectronic with performance-optimised coverage from 600 carriers in 190 countries and end-to-end visibility and control over its entire connected operation. This enables us to deliver a superior quality of service to customers.

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