Date: 07/01/21 | In: Level monitoring

Here at Detectronic, it’s our objective to provide a wide range of cost-effective and accessible monitoring solutions.

Water companies are under increasing pressure to overcome specific challenges and meet strict regulations. We feel that price should never be a barrier to preventing flooding and pollution. Affordability is key. That’s why we’ve applied our extensive research and development knowledge to create the new LIDoTTSensor.

remote water level sensor

The LIDoTTis an ultrasonic remote water level sensor that provides continuous data in surcharge conditions. Utilising both level and pressure sensors, this revolutionary water level sensor  has zero deadband and requires little to no maintenance.

The specific challenge for the LIDoTT Sensor is to measure and deliver accurate and reliable level and depth data within any network of sewers. That is irrespective of geographic coverage, or open-channel flow applications across a range of operating conditions.

Three sensors in one monitor

Unlike its current competitors, the LIDoTT Sensor is designed to be mounted close to the point of measurement in the sewer. This facilitates high accuracy, high resolution measurement of wastewater depth under normal operating flow conditions. When the sewer network is stressed during storm weather events or by blockages, water levels will rise. The remote water level sensor automatically switches sensing modes from ultrasonic to pressure to deliver continuous, seamless high quality network management data. This transition is transparent to the external datalogging device which needs only a single recording channel.

The LIDoTT Sensor combines three sensor types into a single measurement device:

  1. High resolution ultrasonic distance measurement sensor to accurately determine level during a wide range of “normal” operating conditions.
  2. ‘In Air’ temperature sensor used to correct ultrasonic distance (level) measurement for changes in air temperature which affect sonic velocity.
  3. Pressure sensor, currently with optional ranges of +3.50 or +10.00 mH2O. This sensor deals with exceptional depth measurement during high level events when the ultrasonic sensor is submerged.

 Highly accurate with seamless level measurement to depth measurement

Each LIDoTT Sensor delivers a single depth data channel with seamless transition from level measurement (using its Ultrasonic sensor) to depth measurement using its pressure sensor. The pressure-sensor is activated and begins to measure rising depth BEFORE the Ultrasonic sensor blanking distance (dead-band) is reached. This means that the external logging device receives an accurate depth measurement from the LIDoTTSensor irrespective of which sensor is in operation. The pressure-sensor references last measured value of Ultrasonic Level to calibrate its set zero value.  This eliminates the need for an atmospheric breather reference to simplify installation and remove maintenance.

Thanks to achieving ATEX/IECEx Zone 0 Certification, the LIDoTT Sensor will operate with any appropriately certified datalogger that can deliver its modest power requirements. As such, it communicates with the datalogger using a number of serial protocols including Modbus.

 A high achieving, multipurpose water level sensor

Following successful, long-term in-field trials, the LIDoTT Sensor is now providing superior operational management. It is enabling water companies to achieve a variety of pollution prevention objectives within the wastewater sewer network. In fact, in November 2020 we received an order for an initial 1,350 LIDoTT Sensors from a large UK water company.

As well as providing cost-effective level monitoring of vast wastewater sewer networks, the LIDoTT Sensor also has the capability to monitor domestic sewer manholes. Use it to identify any potential blockages thus helping prevent internal sewer-flooding and localised pollutions before they happen. Moreover, it can be utilised to deliver highly accurate river and other water course depth observation/environmental monitoring and operate as an early-warning flood prevention application.

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