Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside!

Date: 07/10/16 | In: Other News
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Team Detectronic, in the shape of Diane Dumon, Ollie Harrison, Julie Parsons and Phill Tuxford, headed to the seaside on Friday 16th September to take part in ‘Beach Watch’ over in Cleethorpes.

Part of a joint enterprise between Keep Britain Tidy’s Beach and RiverCare team and VANEL, the Anglian Water-funded Beach and River Care project, now in its 23rd year, is a national beach cleaning and litter-surveying programme.

Every September, the Marine Conservation Society’s ‘Beach Watch’ brings together people from all over the country, encouraging them to care for and protect their coastline.

The event in Cleethorpes attracted schools from around the area that used the day as an opportunity to teach school children about the impacts of improper waste disposal and the effect this can have on the environment.

Explains Diane: “Despite the heavy rain all morning, ‘Beach Watch’ was a great success and RiverCare und Keep Britain Tidy have told us that around 60kg of rubbish was collected on the day, not to mention 9kg of dog poo!

“At Detectronic we try to support as many water-related projects as we can. So, when we learnt about the ‘Beach Watch’ event and its aims, we wanted to get involved.”

Concludes Diane: “We’re now looking forward to taking part in next year’s ‘Beach Watch’ and will be putting in a special request for sunshine for all the volunteers!”