Date: 24/02/22 | In: Pressemitteilungen

The LIDoTT®, a multi-sensor monitoring system designed and developed by wastewater monitoring specialists, Detectronic, has been granted patent number GB2591274, which covers open channel fluid level monitoring apparatus comprising two level sensors with overlapping monitoring ranges.

Designed to deliver the measurement accuracy needed to deliver truly smart sewer networks, LIDoTT incorporates decades of knowledge and experience.  LIDoTT represents a generational advancement in level monitoring technology.

With temperature, pressure und ultrasonic technologies combined in a single sensor, LIDoTT raises the bar when compared with existing level monitoring solutions.

Explains Neil Butler, managing director at Detectronic: “The development of the LIDoTT has been truly ground-breaking in the field of wastewater monitoring tech as it is enabling water companies across the world to meet new management challenges and adhere to ever-more stringent environmental regulations.”

“We are pleased the UK Patent Office has recognised the uniqueness of our LIDoTT technology and granted this patent. It clearly differentiates LIDoTT from its competitors and provides Detectronic with a sustainable advantage in the wastewater monitoring market.”

LIDoTT delivers a single, continuous level data set as it transitions seamlessly from data obtained from the ultrasonic sensor to the data obtained from the pressure sensor making it equally effective during both normal and abnormal (surcharged) operating conditions. This is particularly beneficial for water utilities, allowing them to implement a truly smart sewer network solution where millimetric accuracy is essential at all times.

As a highly versatile and cost-effective solution, it can be quickly deployed either in specific (problem) catchments or throughout an entire network.

Adds Neil: “When LIDoTT data is fed into our Artificially Intelligent, machine-learning software, DetecAnalytics, or any other AI analytical system, their delivered predictions are much more accurate and dependable for operational decision making. As such, water companies can realise even more efficient sewer management and maintenance programmes, surpass regulatory requirements and ODI targets and deliver tangible operational cost-savings.”

A PCT application giving international protection is pending.