When to upgrade a waste water flow meter

Date: 28/05/19 | In: Water Meters

If you’re currently reviewing your industrial wastewater monitoring, you may be wondering whether that review will involve having to answer the question: when is the best time to upgrade a waste water flow meter?

Upgrading waste water flow meters can represent a significant investment for many companies. It’s crucial, therefore, to be fully informed and understand all your options before making a decision.

Built to last

At the risk of doing ourselves out of business, we have a number of clients who have been using the same Detectronic waste water flow meters for over two decades – we definitely build them to last! Since we often also maintain the waste water flow meters we install, our site engineers are ideally placed to advise on how the meters are performing, make any repairs required and recommend any alterations or upgrades.

We recognise that waste water flow meters are a tangible asset. It’s our purpose to ensure they’re functioning at an optimum and that they’re capable of achieving the objectives desired by the client. When that ceases to be the case, that’s when we will suggest a review meeting and a potential upgrade to the existing monitoring equipment.

Changes to process

Equally, if your specific waste water monitoring objectives change at any point, the equipment installed may no longer be fit for purpose. It may be time to upgrade your water flow meter. Keep us informed and we can discuss your new aims and advise accordingly. For example, if you introduce a new element to your manufacturing process, your consent license could change, and you could be required to comply with MCERTS. Our solution might then be to switch to our MSFM MCERTS waste water flow meter. The MSFM MCERTS is a battery powered insertion monitor specifically designed to deliver guaranteed accuracy for any site that requires verification by MCERTS inspectors.