Who monitors the water flow?

Date: 16/05/19 | In: Water Meters

If you’ve ever wondered who monitors the water flow, this article is for you. Water flows are monitored by the individual user/provider or the processor/manufacturer i.e. company or plant.

industrial wastewater

The reason for monitoring water flow is one of compliance and billing. For example, a manufacturer of car parts or a processor of vegetables, such as frozen peas, will invariably require water as part of their industrial processes. That, in turn, will create industrial wastewater. And, companies that discharge industrial wastewater that could harm the environment, will need a trade effluent license so that it can be treated safely.

Trade effluent or consent licenses outline exactly what you are permitted to discharge. More often than not, it will state that you must monitor that discharge. Having highly accurate data to ensure you comply with your consent license is an absolute ‘must’. It is also extremely useful to ensure you are being billed correctly. Having precise and robust water flow data could actually help you to save money!

wastewater management

Water companies also monitor water flows and water levels in a variety of different environments. They must understand what is coming in to their wastewater treatment works or what’s happening in the network. At the same time, the Environment Agency demands the monitoring of water flow in certain rivers in selected catchments for compliance purposes. The EA and the respective water company will measure and monitor any water being discharged into a river or watercourse after it has been treated.

process water

Water taken from rivers, boreholes or recycled water used as part of the process includes pre-treatment, clarification, filtration, membrane reverse osmosis (RO), disinfection, boiling and cooling. An efficiently run industrial or manufacturing plant will understands its water consumption and be alerted to blockages before they disrupt production. A number of water metering options are available, including permanent and temporary meters, mechanical and non intrusive flow meters.

how detectronic can help

If you’re looking for a company to monitor water flow, you’re in the right place. We have a wide range of waste water flow meters und water level sensors. We can advise, design and implement short and long-term water flow surveys for multiple purposes. Our expert team will provide a bespoke water flow solution for your specific requirements. We will then install and maintain the waste water flow meters and raingauges. Finally, our dedicated data centre team will analyse all of the data gathered. They’ll produce a comprehensive report that will enable you to meet your statutory obligations and achieve compliance.