Date: 04/10/19 | In: Partnerships & Alliances

Eigen Messtechnik to support monitoring specialist in Germany

Detectronic GmbH, the German division of UK-based monitoring specialists, Detectronic, has signed Eigen Messtechnik as their official channel partner in Germany.

Frank Eigen, who founded Eigen Messtechnik back in 2005, has more than 30 years’ experience delivering process measurement projects in the water treatment industry and, as such, is ideally placed to support new business development in the country.

Eigen Messtechnik offers a wide variety of bespoke monitoring solutions including process photometers, automatic samplers and specialist flow measurement for waterworks, sewage treatment works, breweries and industrial plants.

The company also specialises in supporting its clients to measure and monitor the contents of liquids, including trade effluent and sewage. It offers a number of solutions for monitoring various components such as turbidity, oil in water, colour, nitrates, nitrites, ozone, oxygen, chlorine and dust particles.

Commenting on the partnership, Roland Deinlein, operations director for Detectronic GmbH, said: “I have known Frank and his team for many years, and we have worked together on several high-profile projects. As highly experienced and respected experts in the water industry here in Germany, Eigen Messtechnik ideally complements both Detectronic GmbH and Detectronic.

Concludes Frank Eigen, managing director of Eigen Messtechnik: “We’re proud to have been named as Detectronic GmbH’s official channel partner in Germany. I believe there are many business opportunities and synergies that we can harness for the benefit of both companies and I look forward to working with Roland and the team over the UK to deliver further success and growth.”