Date: 16/08/19 | In: Innovation, Partnerships & Alliances

Monitoring specialist partners with Royal HaskoningDHV to provide predictive analytics

Monitoring specialist, Detectronic, has partnered with international engineering, technology and software company, Royal HaskoningDHV, to create an AI-powered predictive analytics tool for wastewater sewer networks and water recycling centres: DetecAnalytics

The launch of DetecAnalytics means that Detectronic is the only company in the UK to be able to provide water and sewage companies (WaSCs) with a universal monitoring service that includes every required element from manufacture, installation and maintenance of monitors and associated equipment to data analysis, reporting and now predictive analytics.

Explains Neil Butler, sales director at Detectronic: “By partnering with Royal HaskoningDHV and utilising their revolutionary Aquasuite® software, we take our data analysis and reporting to a whole new level with DetecAnalytics.

Aquasuite® is an AI-powered analyst and autopilot for utilities and industries. Delivering full visibility across drinking water and wastewater networks and treatment, it empowers WaSCs to make fact-based decisions quickly to improve processes and performance. This includes lowering operating costs, reducing capital investment and enabling proactive maintenance, warning of leaks, bursts, overflows and pollution incidents.”

DetecAnalytics specifically harnesses the Aquasuite FLOW module. Explains Tom Woolley, Business Development Director Aquasuite® at Royal HaskoningDHV: “Aquasuite FLOW translates real time data from sensors in sewers and pumping stations into valuable insight of the actual performance of the entire wastewater transport systems. It can actively control sewage pumping stations to optimise the total sewage system, including wastewater treatment plants.”

Continues Neil: “DetecAnalytics works by connecting our Detectronic data loggers and adding the data they record to Aquasuite FLOW which is powered by AI (artificial intelligence). The data is analysed, and over an initial seven-week period, we can produce predictions with a high level of accuracy and confidence. This level of accuracy and confidence continues to increase over time. This enables the WaSC to predict what will happen within a catchment or a water recycling centre at any point in time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“By being able to predict sewage overflows, pipe friction loss, pump efficiency and energy consumption, the WaSC can further enhance self-reporting in PR19, benefit from better asset management with predictive maintenance and, ultimately, be in a position to improve overall operational and financial performance.”

Concludes Neil: “Investment in DetecAnalytics is a must for all WaSCs operating in the UK!”