Date: 11/08/21 | In: Sewer Network Monitoring

LIDoTT® Smart System delivers millimetric accuracy and cost-effective smart sewer network monitoring solution

Ageing infrastructure, urban growth and incidences of extreme weather are escalating the problems experienced by already strained wastewater networks. To deliver an intelligent, effective and economical, solution, Detectronic, long-time specialists in sewer & wastewater network monitoring and management, have introduced the LIDoTT® Smart System. This new LIDoTT®-based system provides everything needed to deliver a truly smart sewer network solution which can be quickly deployed either in specific (problem) catchments or throughout the entire network.

The LIDoTT® Smart System uses the specially designed LIDoTT Smart datalogger to send sewer data collected by the multi-technology LIDoTT® level sensor to the DetecAnalytics visualisation and predictive analytics platform, to deliver a fully integrated smart sewer network monitoring solution.

Explains Steve Woods, managing director of Detectronic: “Enabling water companies to intervene early to actually prevent blockages and spills before they happen is something we’ve been doing for the last 10 years. This latest development incorporates our previous decades of experience and knowledge of global sewer network monitoring.”

The LIDoTT Smart system offers:

  • Superior visibility. LIDoTT Smart System delivers real time sewer performance monitoring using LIDoTT Sensor’s millimetric accuracy to enable DetecAnalytics’ AI machine-learning technology to detect minor changes in the network and predict operational issues with far more certainty.
  • More time to react. Abnormalities in wastewater levels which might be caused by a partial blockage are shown on a visual dashboard with three alarm states giving teams more time to react to blockages before they become real problems.
  • Low maintenance and high performance. Built with no moving parts, the LIDoTT multi-technology sensor is an intrinsically safe, maintenance free device with a battery life of up to 7 years which delivers high quality data in challenging environments.
  • Cost savings. LIDoTT Smart System has been designed for long-term, low-cost monitoring with lower whole-life costs than other level monitoring solutions.

Continues Steve: “A smart sewer network is one that consistently performs with zero major blockages, and without the spills or pollutions that can cost water companies millions to resolve. Using real-time wastewater level and rainfall data combined with AI machine-learning techniques, the aim of a truly smart sewer network monitoring solution is to accurately predict wastewater behaviour for every sewer asset in real time and in both wet and dry weather conditions.”

“What makes the LIDoTT Smart System stand out, is its accuracy. The LIDoTT Sensor delivers incredibly high-quality data with none of the data spikes or ‘noise’ traditionally associated with conventional ultrasonic level monitors.  Consequently, when fed into DetecAnalytics or any other AI analytical system, the predictions will be more accurate and more reliable for operational decision making. In turn, this fuels more efficient sewer management and maintenance programmes, surpasses regulatory requirements, ODI targets, exceeds customer expectations and delivers valuable operational cost-savings.”

Concludes Steve: “The benefits of deploying the LIDoTT Smart System in any wastewater network are many and varied, aside from the fact that it is extremely cost-effective, easy to implement and delivers optimum performance. LIDoTT Smart System is an important step towards complete real time network visibility and forecasting and achieving zero spills and pollutions.”