Date: 26/01/22 | In: Partnerships & Alliances, Press release

Australian channel partner wins tender after successful trial

Detectronic’s Australian channel partner, Environmental Data Services (EDS), is set to deliver an important field trial project for a large water authority after winning a tender following a successful trial phase.

Covering three separate catchment sites over six months, the flow survey project will see the water authority deploy a number of Detectronic’s LIDoTT® Smart sensors. Specifically designed to provide continuous data in surcharge conditions, LIDoTT® is a highly affordable multi-sensor sewer monitor incorporating temperature, pressure and ultrasonic level technologies

Commenting on the project, Sebastian Harper, managing director of Environmental Data Services, said: “As a result of the positive trial phase earlier this year, we were invited to tender for the field trial and consequently won the tender.”

Continues Sebastian: “The objective of this particular field trial is to enable the water authority to enhance its understanding of the overall sewer network with a view to further improving performance, efficiency and environmental sustainability.

“Providing everything needed to create a truly smart sewer network solution which can be quickly deployed either in specific (problem) catchments or throughout the entire network, the MSFM 2.5T AV Flow Meter with true redundancy LIDoTT® sensor for hydraulic level verification, will provide the water authority with millimetric accuracy. It is specifically designed to deliver incredibly high-quality data with none of the data spikes or ‘noise’ traditionally associated with conventional ultrasonic level monitors.

“In six months, the water authority will have an unrivalled, highly accurate picture of these specific areas of the network that have been monitored. This will inform the implementation of a wider smart sewer network that consistently performs with zero major blockages, and without the spills or pollutions that can cost water companies millions to resolve.”

Concludes Dave Walker, co-founder of Detectronic: “Winning this tender is a tangible milestone for Detectronic and our channel partner, EDS. We’re looking forward to working with the water authority and supporting them to further improve the resilience and performance of their wastewater network.”