Ensuring the LIDoTT® level sensor is WITS enabled

Date: 07/07/21 | In: News
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Continuing our commitment to collaborative working to develop exceptional products and services for all our clients, we have partnered with major UK technology companies to ensure that our revolutionary wastewater level monitor – the LIDoTT® Sensor – is WITS enabled, thus allowing easier access of the LIDoTT data into the utilities’ platforms.

Founded in 2003, the Worldwide Industrial Telemetry Standards (WITS) group aimed to help utility companies become more efficient by encouraging co-operation between utilities and engineers in external supplier organisations. Today it continues to combine the strength, knowledge, skills and influence of the utilities industry to continually improve telemetry technology and service.

The LIDoTT® Sensor was specifically created to provide utilities companies with a low cost, highly affordable level monitor that could be easily deployed across large scale sewer network monitoring projects. Thousands of LIDoTT® Sensors are currently installed in sewer projects across the UK and worldwide and are providing millimetric level accuracy in a wide variety of wastewater scenarios.

Comments Neil Butler, sales director for Detectronic: “Most UK water companies rely heavily on the WITS protocol to transfer data from their remote devices into their central telemetry systems, so it was very important to Detectronic that we had a method of ensuring that our data from the LIDoTT could communicate via the WITS protocol.”

Continues Neil: “When we launched the LIDoTT® Sensor it was imperative that every UK utility company could readily benefit from this revolutionary technology, therefore WITS was an important transfer mechanism to be able to talk to their current telemetry technology.

“As our partners were already communicating from sensor technologies via their Remote Terminal Units (RTUs) through WITS, it was an obvious decision that we worked with these partners to achieve an overall WITS solution from sensor (LIDoTT) to telemetry systems via the respective RTU.

“The feedback from our partners is that LIDoTT offers them a superior level of accuracy. The new technology of being able to monitor in surcharge conditions is giving them a greater range of data. And all this whilst maintaining a very slight battery consumption from the RTU giving a win-win situation for all parties.”