How Detectronic GmbH used the ORAKEL non contact radar to monitor flow through a closed pipe

Date: 14/04/23 | In: Case Studies

We’re big fans of innovation at Detectronic and excited to share the details when our products are used in a slightly different way.

Three years ago, Detectronic replaced an AV doppler sensor for a Basel-based client that had been in place for 10 years, but was susceptible to ragging. The sensor had been successfully used to monitor wastewater leaving the client’s chemical factory and was replaced with an Orakel non contact radar flow monitor. As such, it was a key component for ensuring the factory met specific regulations and achieved compliance.

Fast forward to 2023 and the client now needed to monitor flow in a 900mm pipe that carries cooling water throughout the facility as well as a 300mm wastewater pipeline. The client did not want an open-pipe monitor in either location so approached Detectronic to discuss whether a non-contact (closed pipe) solution could be found for both monitoring requirements.

Our latest case study explains how the team at Detectronic GmbH helped a chemical company monitor flows in a wastewater pipe and a pipe carrying cooling water using one Orakel control unit connected to two Orakel non contact radar flow meters.