Aid trip to areas of heavy flooding in Serbia & India

Date: 02/10/14 | In: Other News
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Theology student to travel to Serbia and India

Gemma Turner, a mother of three from Hull, is set to embark on a journey to Serbia and India to engage with local communities following recent heavy flooding.

Gemma, who is training to be a priest in the Church of England, is currently studying for a BA in Theology at the Yorkshire Ministry College and the journey will form part of her placement year. She will be supported in her venture by Detectronic, a company that works with UK and global water companies to prevent flooding and pollution.

Explains Gemma: “I’ll be working with both adults and children and learning more about their culture and some of the struggles and challenges they face on a daily basis.
“I feel humbled to be taking part in a journey that is close to my heart. I appreciate the challenge and the opportunity to simply be alongside people in their daily lives.”

Located where central and southern Europe crosses, Serbia sits in the Balkan Peninsula and the Pannonian Plain. With over seven million people, it spans approximately 88.361 km2 and sees the world’s second largest river, the Danube pass through its towns and cities.

Back in May, international news crews reported that, after the heaviest rainfall since records began 120 years ago, a state of emergency had been declared in parts of Bosnia and Serbia following immense flooding. The sewer system, like many European systems is a mixture of combined and separate storm water networks.

Floods have also claimed more than 200 lives so far this year in India.

Comments Dave Walker, commercial director at Detectronic: “As UK water companies prepare for the next five years and adopt sophisticated tools and techniques to aid future prediction of blockages and improve network performance, as an industry we should reflect on those countries less fortunate than ours who do not necessarily have the infrastructure in place to even start to monitor and predict operational performance.
“This is the reason why Detectronic is pleased to support the efforts of Gemma and wish her well on her incredible journey.”

With offices in Sheffield and Colne (Lancashire), Detectronic works closely with water companies in the UK and overseas to develop sophisticated technology, tools and systems that are used for predicting flooding and premature discharges early so action can be taken in advance of an event occuring.

Gemma Turner is in the second year of a three year BA in Theology with the Yorkshire Ministry Course at Mirfield and University of Sheffield.

If you would like to support Gemma in her journey and wish to make a contribution, please forward your donation/cheque to Toll Gavel Church, Beverley HU17 9AA.