Is the pandemic exasperating the challenge of noisy data?

Date: 20/01/21 | In: Blog

As storm Christoph hits our shores it’s clear that critical alarms and pollution incidents do not stop for the Covid-19 pandemic. Operations teams continue to be flooded with high and low priority alerts. Engineers must deal with noisy data and alert fatigue alongside the limitations on social distancing and surviving the pandemic.

In-office meetings, once the most effective way to communicate, are no longer available to those working remoting. Video conferencing has become the new norm but may still be unfamiliar territory for some.

Many of those working from home are moonlighting as tutors for their children and other at home interruptions can impact efficiency and productivity focus.

Considering the challenges the pandemic has brought, how can we cut through the challenge of noisy data?

The impact of noisy data on on-call engineers

The more complex a wastewater network is, the more time is spent on responding to false alarms. These alerts are misleading and indicate that real incidents are present, when in reality they are not. By spending time on false alarms, field engineers are unable or delayed in responding to real pollution events. The sheer number of alarms coming through the system debilitate operations teams to the point where critical alarms are overlooked or wrongly classified as false alarms.

Overcoming the challenges of noisy data

It doesn’t have to be this way. When you understand the root cause of a problem, solutions can be found. In the following video, Dave Walker explains what the root causes of noisy data are and what factors contribute to it.

Teams that understand the repercussions of alert fatigue are keen to address the issue of noisy data. With Detectronic’s development of LIDoTT water level monitoring sensor, operations teams and engineers have an effective way to overcome noisy data and take a progressive step forward.

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