Date: 13/11/18 | In: News

Neil Butler has joined monitoring specialists, Detectronic, specifically to lead telemetry business development for the company.

Accumulating 34 years’ experience with a leading UK-based technology group, Neil has international telemetry, software and channel partner development knowledge working with global clients across a variety of industries including water, oil, gas, transport and food & drink.

Explains Neil: “Detectronic work closely with several UK water companies and part of my remit is to further enhance relationships and introduce the team to wider contacts within the water industry who could benefit from Detectronic’s monitoring expertise and telemetry solutions.

“I will also be supporting Detectronic to implement the Worldwide Industrial Telemetry Standards (WITS) protocol into our instrumentation in order that our products can readily be used by all UK utility companies.

“As members of the WITS scheme, we are moving towards adoption of WITS IoT, the new generation of WITS communication protocols. Once we have achieved this, we will be able to use WITS software libraries within Detectronic hardware. This will enable our monitors to interface seamlessly with water companies’ supervisory control and data acquisition systems, as well as facilitating direct interoperability between equipment from different manufacturers.”

Adds Neil: “At the same time, I will be looking at how passed-forward flow to Wastewater Treatment Works is influencing the sector and how it links with MCERTS and our recently launched MSFM MCERTS monitor.”

Concludes Steve Woods, managing director at Detectronic: “Neil brings unrivalled expertise and knowledge to Detectronic and we’re proud to welcome him into the team. We shall ensure that relevant products within our flow and quality measurement and monitoring range adopt the WITS IoT protocol. This will facilitate both operational versatility and wider appeal for utilities looking for flow meters and online quality monitors to integrate directly into their existing systems; this is an area of the business we have been working to grow and develop for some time.”