New Detectronic offices to open in Germany

Date: 13/02/17 | In: Other News

Detectronic is set to open a new German facility near Nuremberg to address the Flow monitoring needs of German communities and companies responsible for waste water and flooding.

Waste water authorities and communities in Germany are experiencing similar flooding, pollution and compliance issues to their counterparts in the UK – which is why Detectronic will soon be opening an office in Bad Windsheim, Bavaria.

Detectronic GmbH will call on Detectronic’s 25 years’ experience selling monitoring equipment in Germany and build on its existing relationships with waste water customers and the local partners they have worked with for much of this time. Primary objectives will be to deliver Detectronic’s Smart Network Monitoring solutions to help those responsible for the German wastewater utilities to manage their networks more efficiently, resolve operational issues, reduce flooding and prevent pollution.

Opening this new and dedicated headquarters and data-centre means that customers will be able to enjoy enhanced levels of service and support from Detectronic GmbH as it continues to expand its workforce and infrastructure.

Dave Walker, Detectronic’s commercial director comments: “Until now we have limited our offering in Germany to the supply of monitoring equipment. By growing our dedicated team we shall upscale our operations and extend the services we offer to include installation, maintenance and the all-important data monitoring and analytical services which deliver the real value which can be achieved from real-time network monitoring. The systematic analysis of the data combined with the application of human intelligence delivers reliable management information to our Clients allowing them to make informed decisions and so deal with developing issues before they cause problems.

Walker continues: “Ground water infiltration, sewage treatment costs and storm discharges each increase the need to measure levels and flows more widely and cost-effectively as they are all issues that the German waste water authorities are targetting. Detectronic is now ideally placed to help them in all these areas.”

What this means for our customers, is that they will soon be able to fully understand and better manage what is happening in their networks, however large or small. Accurate assessment of real-time (and historical) flow, level, rainfall and other hydraulic data from the whole network brings improvements in operational efficiency and reduced costs. In addition, they know that whenever there is a potential flooding or pollution issue, they can take early preventative action knowing that the information upon which they are acting is dependable.

Detectronic will continue to research the problems experienced by its customers and develop new technical solutions.

Detectronic’s expertise in near real-time monitoring has greatly benefited wastewater utility companies in the UK and now Detectronic GmbH is ideally positioned to deliver the same benefits to authorities and communities in Germany.

The new office in Bad Windsheim is opening in spring 2017.