South West Water invests in 50 more flow meters

Date: 17/05/17 | In: Partnerships & Alliances

South West Water, one of Detectronic’s longest standing clients, have purchased 50 brand new MSFM Flow Meters in order to further enhance the efficiency of their network monitoring capabilities.

Explains Dave Walker, commercial director at Detectronic: “We have worked with the team at South West Water (SWW) for over 8 years and the company has always placed great importance on understanding exactly what goes on across its networks.

“At the same time, we have focused on developing our partnership with SWW and, following a recent Monitoring for Efficiency workshop that we delivered to the SWW team, we discussed its ‘Downstream Thinking’ programme and how we could reinforce work in this area.

“The programme encompasses a variety of elements including the sewer network, pumping stations, sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) and waste water treatment management and SWW were keen to improve the outputs of the programme via increased monitoring which led to their most recent order.”

Comments Ian Ward wholesale WWTW and PS manager at SWW: “The team at Detectronic not only understand the needs but also have the experience to deliver a timely resolution.”

Concludes Dave Walker: “Our commitment to supporting SWW to achieve their monitoring objectives is as strong as ever. We look forward to working with both site and datacentre teams over the coming months to deliver robust and in-depth analysis of the network with a view to ensuring SWW have key data at their fingertips to further improve efficiencies.”