The Greek connection – Dave attends wedding

Date: 04/08/15 | In: Partnerships & Alliances
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At Detectronic we place great importance on building great working relationships with all of our clients, irrespective of their location.

We firmly believe the most special element in any business is the bond of friendship people make to each other, a fact that was highlighted when our commercial director, Dave Walker and his wife Andrea, received an invitation to the wedding of Hippokrates Pappas, director at our Greek agents, Metrica.

Explains Dave: “I’ve made several trips over to Athens in the last two years whilst working with Metrica to deliver smart network monitoring within the city’s sewer network.

“Hippokrates and his colleagues are always very welcoming and, whilst we had to overcome several challenges with the project, we established a strong partnership and solved problems together as a team.

“Andrea and I were humbled to be invited to witness Hippokrates and Steffania’s wedding and baptism of their son, Contantine, on 11th July on the island of Andros, and share with them the joys of their celebrations putting aside the pressures facing the Greek economy and its people.

Concludes Dave: “The way Hippokrates, Steffania and their family and friends celebrated is testament to the strength and courage of the people of Greece. This is exactly why Detectronic enjoy working with Metrica. The people who drive the company are determined and seem to never give in when they know what they are offering will benefit the nation. Measuring and monitoring the environment of Greece is what Metrica do and I have no doubt that the business will continue to thrive through these challenging times ahead.”

We all at Detectronic wish Hippokrates, Steffania and little Constantine all the best for the future, and look forward to continue working with Metrica and its staff in the coming months.

Best Wishes,
Dave Walker
Commercial Director