Water quality monitoring during Covid-19

Date: 30/11/20 | In: Water Quality

The current Covid-19 pandemic has thrown up many issues, including restricting travel and in many cases access to sites.  Luckily, it isn’t always necessary to be where your measurement system is. Water quality monitoring during Covid-19 is  much simpler with a measuring system that can be managed remotely.

One example is Detectronic’s ORAKEL System. It is a modular measuring system for monitoring water quality and hydrological parameters.

The ORAKEL offers a full suite of device and remote communications options.  It can communicate through
Modbus, Profibus, ASCII, Modbus RTU, Modbus TCP and others. With remote monitoring, you get instant access to your data, displayed online in charts. Warning alarms can be set, to tell you when parameter thresholds are exceeded.

Relays are used to control external equipment such as dosing pumps and solenoid valves. PID controllers can manipulate process variables such as temperature, flow, pressure, pH levels etc. making it ideal for dosing.

Real time clock control allows a time based relay output to be controlled. An example  would be to activate a dump valve on a water recirculation system at a certain time.

Autoflush helps to extend the life of a sensor. After a predetermined time, the sample drains away and is flushed with clean water. Because the water flushes the whole of the sensor housing, it helps to prevent the build up of solids.

Built-in fluid parameters allow calculation to compensate for sound speed, density, viscosity, specific heat capacity and
temperature. Liquid can be measured in m3 , USgal, mg, cf, bbl and Imp bbl. All measured values can be selected as flow rate per second, minute, hour or day and are automatically totalised.

The pulse output can be used for flow proportional sampling. This is useful for auto sampling, particularly where the flow of water varies. For instance during shifts and cleaning processes. Flow proportional sampling offers a more accurate view of the composite sample, since sample taking is dictated by the flow of water.

The ORAKEL System can be used in a wide range of applications including:
• Treatment plant inlet and final effluent monitoring
• Industrial effluent
• Process control
• Water quality analysis
• Billing verification
• Environmental protection
• Leak detection
• Compliance monitoring

Monitoring water levels and flow couldn’t be easier. The ORAKEL has a choice of flow and level monitoring solutions that are suitable for a variety of applications.

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